CTS will be the daily workspace for about 25 faculty, postdocs and PhD students employed at the Department of Communication, UCPH.

Name Title Phone E-mail
Andelsman Alvarez, Victoria PhD Fellow   E-mail
Bagger, Christoffer Postdoc +4535334104 E-mail
Driessens, Olivier Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535331044 E-mail
Flensburg, Sofie Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4535332984 E-mail
Gao, Xin Postdoc +4535329254 E-mail
Gregersen, Andreas Lindegaard Associate Professor +4535328092 E-mail
Hansen, Sne Scott PhD Fellow +4527691353 E-mail
Helles, Rasmus Associate Professor - Promotion Programme +4535329187 E-mail
Jensen, Klaus Bruhn Professor +4535328104 E-mail
Lai, Signe Sophus Assistant Professor - Tenure Track +4560223455 E-mail
Li, Xin Research Assistant +4535335331 E-mail
Lithén, Johanna Christine Larby Administrative Officer +4535327648 E-mail
Liu, Enze Visiting PhD Student   E-mail
Liu, Jun Associate Professor +4535328416 E-mail
Lomborg, Stine Professor +4535328105 E-mail
Neumayer, Christina Associate Professor +4535333467 E-mail
Otto, Eva Iris Postdoc   E-mail
Petersen, Linea Munk Research Assistant +4535327077 E-mail
Reutter, Lisa Marie Postdoc +4535328657 E-mail
Shklovski, Irina Alex Professor   E-mail
Skovgaard, Mads PhD Fellow +4535327821 E-mail
Svendsen, Kristian Sick Academic Staff   E-mail
Thorhauge, Anne Mette Associate Professor +4535328132 E-mail
Ørmen, Jacob Associate Professor +4535328874 E-mail