Center for Tracking and Society (CTS) is an interdisciplinary research hub that develops and consolidates emerging interdisciplinary and empirical research about digital tracking.

Digital tracking is a widespread practice that has become an integral part of many digital systems. It denotes the collection, organization, quantification and analysis of big datasets and multiple types of data. Such data is being amassed and purposed for knowledge production, economic value creation, public administration and other social activities. At the same time digital tracking of individuals raises questions and dilemmas regarding human existence, identity and the good life.

CTS advances research on the interplay between digital tracking, existing social structures and the various actors that form future society. The interdisciplinary work at CTS spans media and communication, computer science, surveillance, political economy and critical data studies.

CTS was established by Stine Lomborg and Rasmus Helles and combined forces of a number of externally funded research projects based at COMM. It is directed by Associate Professor Stine Lomborg.